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A variety of staircase models from Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group

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The staircases manufactured by Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group convey aesthetic value and style. Different designs of staircases like Gallery, Flared, Geometric, Open string, Cut String and External Stairs are available. Eric Jones Staircase Group offers different finishes for its staircases using many types of polishes and stains.

Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group’s Geometric stair is a grand stair, which becomes the centre of attention in a large hallroom and comes in sweeping curves. For smaller spaces, Flare design staircases can provide an inviting and grand look to the location and do not require large spaces. If the customer prefers a traditional design of staircase, Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group offers the Cut String design, which lends a traditional look to the stair. Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group imparts a classy look to its cut string stairs by altering the cut string patterns and brackets of the staircase.

Open staircase designs have a stylish and modern look. Some open string types available from Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group manufactures central timber carriage strings, central steel carriage strings, cantilevered timber or steel stairs. Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group’s external timber stairs can be used for rear access to apartment blocks or as an aesthetic element. A minimum of 30 years of life can be expected from a timber staircase.

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