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The various ergonomic products offered by Ergonomics Now include kids ergonomic office furniture, stretch poster, ergonomic chairs, ergonomic adjustable desks, stretchbreak software, ergonomic mice, ergonomic keyboards, mini keyboards, digital notepads, headsets, monitor stands, wrist rests, laptop stands, document holders, footrests, lumbar support, computer eye glasses, anti-glare screen filters and swopper flexible seat.

The ergonomic office furniture offered by Ergonomics Now is specially designed for teens, kids and the young people. These ergonomic furniture from Ergonomics Now consist of height-adjustable chairs and desks, movable seating, optimal spatial design, desk-tops that can be inclined to any angle, chairs and desks that have wide variety of options to adjust, patented technology, desk combinations that can be extended and expanded, rounded desk edges and attractive range of add-ons.

The regular stretching program offered by Ergonomics Now is a powerful way to keep oneself flexible and take care of the well being while they are at work. This program helps to promote good posture and reduces aches and pains that are caused by sitting in one position for a long time.

The office stretches program from Ergonomics Now presents a series of exercise that will keep the employees flexible at work place. Each series of exercise consumes only a minute or two to complete.

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