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The benefits of a standing desk

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article image A standing desk can help minimise health risks normally associated with lengthy intervals of sitting at a desk

Standing desks from Ergomotion promote a healthier working style at the workplace for employees.

Advances in technology over the past few decades have made moving around the office a virtually obsolete task, resulting in prolonged sitting, which can cause significant injuries to the body over a period of time. 

A seated desk job literally paints a picture of an unhealthy work lifestyle; of fatigued workers slouching in their desk chairs, struggling to maintain focus and becoming increasingly restless as the day wears on. 

Back, neck and shoulder problems are common among these workers; however, they are also exposed to serious illnesses such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), where a blood clot can form in a vein from prolonged sitting. Workplaces may also notice a drop in productivity if employees are weary and sore from constant sitting. 

Standing desks

Ergomotion’s standing desks are electric desks that can transform from traditional seated desks to elevated desks, enabling the worker to quickly alternate between sitting and standing positions as often as required, which results in a healthier work environment.

A good routine to begin may be to choose a certain task, such as making and receiving calls, and doing it at the standing desk. 

A standing desk can help minimise health risks that are normally associated with lengthy intervals of sitting at a desk, such as back problems and poor blood circulation.

Working for periods of time at a standing desk can even help to strengthen the back and give the worker a better posture. From a fitness perspective, one can burn a third more calories standing than sitting down.

Having the option to alternate between standing and sitting is also great for injured people to ease their way back into their office job. 

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