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How to choose the perfect workbench for your workplace

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A lot of thought needs to go into the selection of the perfect workbench.

When each user is built differently, a workbench of standardised dimensions may not work for all. Something as basic as the ideal workbench height is often overlooked until the user sustains an injury. The workbench should be correctly adjusted to suit the wrists, shoulders, neck, eyes and back to prevent strain or injury.

Standing workbenches

Several studies have established the unhealthy repercussions of sitting at the workbench for extended periods of time. Standing workbenches are trending at workplaces today, thanks to their adjustable design that allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing during their workday, which can not only help to avoid common back, shoulder and neck strains, but also prevent health risks such as poor blood circulation, weight gain and various lifestyle problems.

Height adjustable workbenches

Standing work benches offer the user the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing using a quiet and energy efficient motor.

However, the user can also take note of a few tips to prevent strains and fatigue at the workplace. For instance, when sitting, the feet should be resting comfortably and flat on the floor. To avoid dangling, a good, non-slip footrest is recommended.

The workbench should be adjusted so that wrists are not flexing upwards or downwards to use the keyboard or mouse; the elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and wrists should remain neutral, not strained. Additionally, shoulders should be relaxed, not bunched up.

Place the computer screen as far away as possible where one can comfortably read text without straining the eyes. A monitor arm is recommended for good office ergonomics as it provides the user the flexibility of adjusting the height, depth and angle of their computer screen whenever needed.

Storage and functionality

A workbench can be used for carrying out multiple tasks; however, it is also important to have suitable storage functions to keep the space organised. These include a keyboard tray, a computer holder and cable trays.


The ideal workbench should combine function and ergonomics with style.

The electric, height-adjustable workbenches from Ergomotion are sleek, come in neutral colours, and are adaptable to different office designs and layouts.

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