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Ergonomic electric height adjustable sit/stand desk

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article image Users can easily change the desk to the stand position.

GOOD ergonomic practice contributes directly to a company's bottom line through savings made in work related injuries. Ergomotion has developed the motiondesk, an ergonomic height adjustable work station that allows users to adjust the desk height from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds.

Designed to avoid bad posture, the motiondesk allows users to easily change posture between sitting and standing. The adjustment is done electrically thereby allowing the users to have a quick, effortless and large range of adjustment.

Ergonomic research has indicated an increase in injuries, such as RSI, due to increased hours of static posture. Many workers sit for long periods of time, or sit at desks that are not the correct height for the user. Having the ability to adjust your posture from sitting to standing has been found to reduce the risks of these types of injuries, according to Ergomotion.

Making a sit/stand desk adjustment electrically makes it easy for users to change their desk formation. Mainstream adjustable desks usually only allow adjustment for sit/sit environments and are usually cumbersome to adjust. This usually detracts the user from adjusting the desk and it remains in its original height when purchased, leading to the users not adjusting the desks to suit their own postures. The risks increase when the desk is not adjusted in a multi-user or multi-tasking environment.

An electric height adjustable desk reduces the amount of sick days accumulated, allows people to be more productive and greatly reduces the risk of suffering injuries over the long term.

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