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Custom chairs designed to fight back pain

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article image Back pain is a serious fallout of sitting on the wrong kind of chair

Ergomotion offers a comprehensive range of commercial furniture ergonomically designed for comfort in various business environments.

Most chairs available in the market for commercial settings such as waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels or healthcare facilities do not cater to different body shapes, sizes and structures. Back pain is a likely result of prolonged sitting in such chairs.

Reports indicate that at least 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, most probably due to a bad chair. For instance, if the chair at the workplace is not designed to fit the body of the particular employee, it is highly likely the commercial furniture offered for sundry clients, customers and visitors is also not the right type. 

A poor office chair can result not only in back pain, but also shoulder, neck, wrist and lower leg aches, while increasing health risks such as heart disease and obesity.

Commercial furniture solutions for business

Commercial furniture is just as essential as office furniture when it comes to preventing back pain and damage. It’s important for employees as well as customers, clients, visitors and guests to experience comfort when sitting without having to bend or twist their spine adjusting into poorly designed commercial chairs at waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels or motels.

Ergomotion offers a wide range of custom designed waiting room chairs, restaurant chairs and hospitality seating solutions for diverse business environments.

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