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Anti-collision device for motion desk

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article image Ergomotion’s anti-collision dongle.

ERGOMOTION has released a new option for its motiondesk to limit the risk of a collision when the desk is moving.

To enable the anti-collision function a little plug, called a dongle, must be mounted in one of the two control ports in the control box. The function is only active when the dongle is mounted.

When the desk is operating, the control box monitors the current consumption in each leg using a special algorithm.

If the current consumption on one channel is increased more than a predefined slope a collision is assumed and all channels are stopped immediately and all legs will start to run in the opposite direction (approx. 50 mm).

This return drive is done automatically and continues with or without any control panel key pressed. The anti-collision sensitivity is set differently for upwards and downwards direction.

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