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SafetyLock heavy duty pallet racking systems, from Erect-A-Rack

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SafetyLock Mk III pallet racking systems from Erect-A-Rack  are hard wearing, heavy duty racking systems which can be used in a range of warehousing and industrial applications.

Due to the alarming costs of pallet racking repair and maintenance within the warehousing and logistics industry, there has been an increasing market demand for lower cost maintenance and higher resale value pallet racking systems. Erect-A-Rack have responded to this demand with the SafetyLock Mk III pallet racking system.

SafetyLock pallet racking system frames have been engineered to maximise structural capacity and operating safety. The upright shape, a result of numerous tests on various shapes, sizes and steel grades, is designed to maximise the effectiveness of the steel used.
The beam connection slot on the SafetyLock has been minimised to reduce the quantity of steel removed from the upright pallet racking system, increase resistance to accidental damage and increase the safety factor, as well as the resistance to collapse.

All boxed beams on the SafetyLock pallet racking system are formed of two steel lipped channels that are crimped and interlocked at all four corners. The reinforced corners prevent the opening of the beam sections at the joins and provides for maximum resistance to accidental sideways impact and overloading during use.

The SafetyLock's 85mm wide and 2700mm long beams are designed to support two Australian Standard pallets, 1170mm x 1170mm in size and weighing 1000kg each, and have been repeatedly tested up to buckling point to determine ultimate strength. Every test showed a safety factor in excess of 2:1, before the beam section or connector buckled.

SafetyLock pallet racking system load beams are installed with locking pins for maximum safety to goods and operators, and have a safety factor of no less than 1:65.

Generally, pallet racking safety devices have been known to stay out and pop out, or even shear, during use, increasing the risk of load beam failure. Unlike shear type safety devices, the SafetyLock locking pin stays in and does not pop out during use, resulting in a higher resistance to accidental lifting of the load beams by lift trucks.

Finally, SafetyLock pallet racking system connectors have been designed to enable front to back and left to right “wedging” to maximise the effectiveness of the load beam and upright connection. The heavier the load the stronger the connection.

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