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Practical pallet racking

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ERECT-A-Rack Pty Ltd supplies and installs pallet racking and understands that no two businesses are alike.

All storage solutions are designed to meet the practical needs of the company for maximum use within the workplace. Pallet racking is the most common method used to store bulk products. There are several types of pallet racking available and each has its own unique function. The two most common Pallet racking used are Selective and Drive In Pallet Racking.

* Selective Pallet Racking - The most common pallet racking in any warehouse. This system allows access to all pallets and maximises space in a warehouse. Selective pallet racking is available in single and double entry configurations and can be easily adjusted.

* Drive In Pallet Racking - Enables pallets to be block stacked, which further maximises space by allowing storage of similar products together and is common for longer term storage.

Racking should be checked regularly to ensure stability, strength and safety. Many companies are often unaware of the need for safety inspections of existing racks.

Erect-A-Rack supplies safety inspections on existing pallet racking, and can organise replacement or repairs to be carried out to ensure that workplace hazards are avoided. Workplace safety should be ensured by complying with Australian Standards. Erect-A-Rack products and service meet or exceed these standards.

Installers need to be fully trained and qualified in all aspects of storage systems and brands. They should be able to dismantle, relocate, reconfigure and upgrade existing storage system with minimal interruption to business.

Erect-A-Rack strives to supply its clients with a superior product and service that is practical, reliable and safe.

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