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Pallet racks and pallet protectors from Erect-A-Rack

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Erect-A-Rack  offer pallet racking and shelving solutions to warehouses and commercial businesses with storage needs. With over 12 years of experience in the warehouse racking industry, Erect-A-Rack provide reliable and cost-effective storage solutions to their clients. Warehouse owners with storage and dispatch management needs can benefit from the pallet racking services offered by Erect-A-Rack. The pallet racks and pallet protectors designed by Erect-A-Rack are safe and easy to install and maintain. The range of storage products, distributed by Erect-A-Rack, includes office storage products, mezzanine floors, drive-in pallet racking products, pallet racks and protectors. Erect-A-Rack conduct onsite evaluations for designing customised storage pallets.

The pallet racks and protectors supplied by Erect-A-Rack are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. By conducting onsite safety inspections, Erect-A-Rack identifies the storage problems and devises effective storage solutions. Erect-A-Rack provide design, installation and relocation services to their clients with distinct storage management needs. The selective pallet racking systems designed by Erect-A-Rack come in single and double entry configurations.

Erect-A-Rack’s selective pallet racking systems are available in a range of sizes and designs. Storage space in warehouses can be effectively utilised through the use of the pallet racks and pallet protectors supplied by Erect-A-Rack.

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