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Eraspray ES81A-HB Spray Elastomer Systems from Era Polymers

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Era Polymers  supplies the Eraspray ES81A-HB polyurethane spray elastomer systems, a new line of simple spray systems with a low entry cost.  

Eraspray ES81A-HB is a range of premium grade, high performance solvented polyurethane coating systems with excellent abrasion resistance.  

Applied with standard airless spray equipment, these spray elastomer systems are supplied in pre-weighed kits packaged for user-friendly mixing and application.  

Eraspray ES81A HB spray elastomer systems can be applied 3-4 times thicker than conventional solvented spray elastomers without risk of cracking.  

Superior abrasion resistance and corrosion protection are the two important advantages of the Eraspray ES81A HB.  

The PU spray elastomers bond to most surfaces subject to correct surface preparation. The elastomer spray application cures at room temperature and obtains full cure after 5 days at the same temperature.  

Eraspray ES81A HB is suitable for use on metal that expands and contracts with climate change. Additionally, it can also be used on equipment that is subject to movement.  

Key features of Eraspray ES81A HB:

  • Rapid build-up
  • Eliminates cracking
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Bonds to most substrates
  • Application with standard airless spray equipment
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Sufficient green strength after 16 - 24 hours
  • Full cure after 5 days at same temperature

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