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Era Polymers distributes new Fomo products

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Era Polymers distributes and services Handi-Foam one and two component systems, Handi-Stick Adhesives and Handi- Seal Window and Door Sealant. 
One-Component Handi-Foam is suited for smaller applications and is available for use in a single can or cylinder. The One-Component Handi-Foam is intended to fill and insulate small cracks and voids in and around air conditioners, outlets, pipes, conduits, heating ducts, and other spaces between building products. The One-Component Handi-Foam can seal cracks at wall and floor joints, amend small holes and damages, block insect and rodent pathways and can seal wire and plumbing penetrations.
Two-Component Handi-Foam is better suited to larger applications where it can be sprayed or poured into cavities/voids and onto surfaces. This two component system comes in disposable cylinders or tanks and is available in a range of densities and sizes. The foam provides a cost effective way to insulate an entire house. This spray-in-place system offers a permanent air barrier to the elements that can last for the life of your home and does not settle or sag overtime. The Two-Component Handi-Foam can reduce energy bills by up to 50%, improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens, act as a pest deterrent, is fire rated and helps control moisture content. Once cured the foam can be trimmed, sanded and painted. Handi-Foam one and two component systems form a permanent, crackresistant barrier and bond quickly to almost any surface, including wood, masonry, metal, glass and plastic.
Handi-Stick Adhesives are polyurethane adhesives formulated to provide a strong permanent bond between building materials. Handi-Stick offers excellent adhesion to drywall, plywood, foam boards, cork FRP panels, tiles, wall panelling, timber, furring strips, particle boards, concrete, Formica®, metals, OSB and subfloor. The Handi-Stick Adhesives offers extensive cost and labour savings through a dispensing unit that provides increased control and metering.
Handi-Seal Window and Door Sealant is available in straw and gun foam varieties. The advantages of the Handi-Seal Window and Door Sealant system include low pressure and expansion which virtually eliminates the chance of bowing, the Handi-Seal Window and Door Sealant is easy and fast to apply, offers thermal insulation and dimensional stability, provides noise reduction, prevents air infiltration and does not sag when wet or absorbs water.

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