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Touch-free soap dispenser from Brightwell

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Equipe Solutions presents the new Touch-Free Soap Dispenser from Brightwell. This soap dispenser takes hygiene to the next level with the only truly sterile method of dispensing. Its smart hands-free activation makes it ideal for medical and food preparation facilities, as well as for public washrooms or industrial environments.

This dispenser is ideal for any situation where hygiene is of importance, whether that means to avoid cross-contamination, infections, or just in a bathroom where you customers or staff prefer not to touch anything

A pre-set measured dose is dispensed right into the centre of your hand to avoid any wastage

Hands over cost control to you

It’s been brilliantly designed too, to minimise maintenance and deliver cost control to you.

It operates from AA batteries which have a typical operational life of 12months, running on one set at batteries at a time, giving you maximum usage at minimum battery cost. Another clever cost control feature is the one button touch which allows you to set the Touch-Free to dispense your choice of three shot sizes.

Minimum maintenance

The beauty of the Touch-Free is that you can also see at a glance what setting you’ve selected and the level of the soap through the translucent coloured window.

The Touch-Free is as tough and reliable as it is attractive. It truly puts paid to problems of cross-contamination where it matters most.

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