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EQUIP Office Furniture has released the Requirements Analysis Matrix (RAM) program. It allows the company’s design consultants to provide customised office chairs to clients customers outside the Sydney metropolitan area.

The program allows analysis of the type of work that the person sitting in the chair will be doing as well as the requirements of the person using the chair. It also takes into account how many hours a day and days a week the chair be used as well as whether anyone using the chair will be significantly over or under average height and weight and whether they have any health concerns. Fabrics can be chosen for look, feel, coordination and comfort The office chair range can be categorised into a range of work or function types.

Task typist chairs (also called task operator chairs) come without arms as standard. They are designed call centres, computer work, secretarial work, data entry and for use with workstations. Some models have the option of adding arms at a later date and are generally available in a range of fabrics.

Task clerical chairs come with arms as standard and are designed for clerical, accounts, senior office staff and office managers. They are generally available in a range of fabrics.

Draughtsman chairs are similar to typist or clerical chairs with a higher gas lift, footring and five-star base. They are aimed at architects, draughtsmen and bank tellers.

Managerial chairs come with arms as standard and are a little larger. They are aimed at managers and senior office staff. They are available in a range of fabrics and leather colours. Executive Chairs are larger again. They are generally used by senior managers and executives.

Client chairs are a basic offering which can have complimentary styling and upholstery to the managerial and executive chairs. A range of reception chairs and seating is also offered, along with a range of boardroom chairs. Chairs aimed at the hospitality and health care industries are also available.

Seat height can be adjusted with a gas lift and the back and seat can tilt simultaneously at the same ratio. The back and seat can tilt simultaneously at a 2:1 ratio and the back height can be adjusted up and down or in and out. The height of the arms can also be adjusted and a waterfall edge on the seat helps eliminate pressure points behind the knees. The seats can swivel 360º.

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