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Epson expands 6-axis robot line

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EPSON Robots has announced the expansion of its Pro Six robot line. These new Pro Six robots offer users faster speeds, heavier payloads, longer reaches and IP65 Rated protection.

The robots are designed for small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and many other applications requiring speed, precision and smooth motion.

"The release of these new Pro Six robots continues Epson's over 20 year history of responding to customer requests,” said Director of EPSON Robots, Michael Ferrara.

“After last year's successful introduction of our first Pro Six robot, customers told us that they really loved our programming software and they had other 6-axis robot applications with shorter cycle times, heavier payloads, longer reaches and hazardous work environments."

These models give customers what they want - more 6-axis robots that come standard with our powerful yet easy to use EPSON RC+ software. The expanded Pro Six robot line, in combination with our SCARA and Cartesian robots, gives users the ability to select the right machine for their specific application need."

"For example, those customers needing faster cycle times will be extremely pleased with our new Pro Six PS5 robot, which is the fastest 6-Axis robot in its class," added Mr Ferrara.

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