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Solar pool heating kits available from epools

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article image Solar pool heating kits available from epools

Solar pool heating can double the number of months you can use your pool. Epools DIY kit is one of the easiest and most cost‐effective ways to install solar pool heating.

Conveniently supplied in box, the kit contains all the parts you need to DIY solar heat your pool. These fully modular, pre assembled units are designed for rapid DIY installation.

Install almost anywhere on the roof of your house, garage, porch, shed, pergola or directly on your lawn. Everything needed to build or expand a system comes in a range of boxes. Fully modular, it is easy to start small and add more solar mat collectors later, if desired.   All you need is a sunny location i.e. north/northwest facing surface to ensure maximum heat exposure.

The kit contains a commercial grade solar mat collector with adaptor and connections to suit most pool filtration systems. Using your pool filter pump, water is pumped through the solar mat collector and heated by the sun. The mat collector is pre-fitted to PVC manifolds that are simply clicked together. The Manifolds are then plumbed directly to the filtration plant or a separate pump.

The commercial grade solar mat collectors are made from long life EPDM which is also UV, chlorine and micro-organic attack resistant.

The amount of solar collectors needed depends on the size of your pool. The kits come in two modules, 4 and 5 square meter. We recommend that the kits cover a minimum of 70% of pool size. A 10 year manufacturers warranty is supplied. .

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