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Salt water chlorinators available from Epools

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article image The Zodiac LM3 salt water chlorinator

Epools  have introduced the Zodiac LM3 salt water chlorinator that saves money and avoids the use of chemicals.

With chlorine costs increasing, salt chlorinators are becoming a common solution to pool chlorination problems. Salt water chlorinators improve water quality, increasing swimmer comfort.

The LM series of salt water chlorinators from Epools are high performance reverse polarity chlorinators, which keep pools hygienically clean and safe. The set and forget feature of the chlorinators automatically manages the self-cleaning process. This saves a time consuming cleaning process with acid and reduces the risk of accidental damage to delicate electrodes.

Chlorine levels can be boosted quickly with the new Super Chlorination feature in these salt water chlorinators. The Clearwater LM Salt Chlorinator, available from Epools, also produces small amounts of ozone, which further adds to the freshness of the water.

Well-designed and easy to operate, the touch pads of the chlorinators help easy setting and the high chlorine output caters for most pool sizes.

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