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Replacement salt cells for chlorinators available from Epools

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Epools  provide replacement salt cells for different types of chlorinators. Epools offer replacement salt cells for all chlorinator brands including Clearwater, Chloromatic and Saltmate.

The salt cells or electrodes are the main components in the chlorinators. The salt cells are coated with precious metals and the cells electrolytically convert the salt in the pool water to chlorine.

This process of electrolysis will eventually wear away the delicate coating on the salt cells, reducing their ability to produce chlorine.

Once the electrodes wear out, chlorine imbalances can occur and new cells are needed. The scale can also build up on these delicate components. Mineral content is present in all water and scale build up leads to less chlorine production.

Testing the salt levels of the pool water and keeping the water in balance will prolong the life of salt cells. Replacement salt cells from Epools are made from high grade components and are available in conjunction with quick release terminals for easy removal.

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