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Davey pool pumps supplied by Epools

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Epools  supply a range of Davey pool pumps. Pool pumps from Davey are reliable and efficient. Davey pool pumps feature highly efficient hydraulic design, ensuring economical running and low noise levels. Epools offer a range of Davey pool pumps to suit all pool sizes.

The size of the pool pump is chosen for compatibility with the filter being used. The Davey pump circulates water through the system enabling optimum filtration, heating (where needed), and the even distribution of pool chemicals. Davey pool pumps start from 0.5Hp in size and the larger pumps can run filters of 30inch in diameter.

Epools can advise on the right size of Davey pool pump needed for the pool. If the pool pump is too large for the filter, it may damage the pump, filter or motor or stop the effective filter operation.

Alternatively, it may not allow the filter to operate effectively. If the pool pump is too small it may not circulate the water, be too weak to run a backwash or simply burn out.

The new Davey pool pump operates at quiet levels and moves water efficiently. This low noise level can allow operation of the pumps late at night when energy costs are much lower.

Davey high performance mechanical seals and stainless steel components ensure long life in demanding environments. Stainless steel, corrosion proof motor shells, high performance UV stabilised polymers and easily operated clamp rings are few of the Davey pumps special pump features.

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