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Remote metering units from Epitomy

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Epitomy  designs and manufactures data logging equipment such as RMU32 or remote metering unit. This remote metering unit has been specifically designed by Epitomy for reading different types of meters. This remote metering unit has the capability to read meters having pulsing contact that represents the meter throughput like gas, hot water, cold water and electricity. It is possible to connect about 32 meters to a single remote metering unit as well as 32 different remote metering units could be clubbed together to form a single network comprising of about 1024 meters. The remote monitoring unit of this network can be connected to GPRS or GSM networks with the aid of modem that has the capability to remotely read all the 1024 meters.

Remote metering unit from Epitomy enables local meter reading option. This local meter reading option is made possible by reading the Liquid Crystal Display on each individual remote metering unit. The reading option can also be achieved by plugging any one of the remote metering unit onto a laptop PC. This local metering option is possible with the help of PC program that is developed by Epitomy referred to as WinLog. This remote metering unit from Epitomy provides absolute meter readings ranging to about 4000000000 pulse counts.

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