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Microwatt series of data loggers from Epitomy

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Epitomy  specialises in the design and manufacture of data loggers such as Microwatt series of data loggers. These data loggers comprise of eight channels and are low powered battery operated data loggers. Microwatt series of data loggers have been specifically designed by Epitomy for remote or difficult locations devoid of power supply. The battery present in these data loggers is known to have good durability.

Various features of Microwatt series of data loggers from Epitomy include analog or digital inputs stored in non volatile memory and digital data stored in 32 bit counter. The unique advantage of this data logger is its utilisation both as metering data logger as well as general purpose data loggers. Epitomy has also designed a variant of Microwatt data logger known as 8 Channel GSM/GPRS Microwatt data logger having additional features of inbuilt GSM/GPRS radio communications.

Microwatt series of data loggers deigned by Epitomy consist of features that include eight input channels, recording metering pulses, real time clock, suitable sensors, interval timing ranging from one second to about one day, serial RS-232 port, temperature as well as humidity probe and housed in a plastic case of good durability.

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