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PROVIDING greater access to information and additional resources to improve business performance for midmarket manufacturers, Epicor Software Corporation has announced enhancements to Vantage, its comprehensive, integrated manufacturing solution, with the latest version of Vantage Business Intelligence.

With Vantage Business Intelligence, manufacturers are able to access, explore and analyse data residing within the Vantage solution, to gain the knowledge needed to make better-informed business decisions.

Because much of the information is pre-built, companies are able to start seeing a return on their investment in the software faster than with traditional business intelligence solutions.

According to Epicor sales and marketing director Jason du Preez, in today's economy, business intelligence is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but an absolute necessity for survival.

Vantage Business Intelligence allows manufacturers to fully utilise the information generated by automating their business operations with a comprehensive software solution like Vantage.

It provides companies the ability to perform complex queries and analysis to obtain the answers to real world business problems while keeping implementation costs to a minimum.

Datamarts, Epicor's pre-built queries, reports, and analysis tools that pull supply chain information from sales, production and inventory to shipping and financials, offer a quick start-up.

The Datamarts' ability to drill down on data in specific areas is key to measuring performance indicators such as cash flow analysis, shipping and vendor performance, and sales analysis; all essential components to a company's viability.

A recent report on enabling technologies from AMR Research found that implementation times decrease by 50 per cent when pre-built systems, reports and data models are used. Epicor 02 9927 6222.

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