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EPICOR Software has announced its new strategy and product roadmap for the midmarket manufacturing industry. Development efforts for Epicor's manufacturing software solutions will focus on supporting discrete, mixed-mode manufacturers, a sector that encompasses the majority of Epicor's 6,000 manufacturing customers today.

With integrated end-to-end enterprise suites designed to help manufacturers increase collaboration with suppliers and customers, and improve operations throughout the value chain, Epicor's manufacturing software solutions are uniquely suited to support the needs of today's global manufacturers.

Epicor's manufacturing solutions have historically consisted of separate products architected for the lower, mid and upper tiers of the midmarket.

The company announced today it plans to develop a single business framework that would support multiple user interfaces that could be tailored to companies of different sizes and within different industries.

This next generation of solutions will be operating system and database independent to accommodate virtually any technology environment and any size manufacturing operation.

This will offer customers new capabilities and new levels of application reliability, scalability, system interoperability and flexibility, combined with a rich user experience and low cost of ownership.

Additionally, Epicor's product roadmap will provide manufacturers with an easy migration path to leverage Microsoft .NET and Web services. While the manufacturing industry has been slower than some to adopt Web services, the technology is gaining popularity.

In fact, some analyst firms show that 50-60 per cent of manufacturers have one or more Web services projects underway. Epicor's product roadmap enables manufacturers to adopt Web services on their own timeframe and while protecting their technology investment.

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