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Epicor Software announces survey results

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Epicor Software,  a provider of enterprise business software solutions for the midmarket and divisions of Global 1000 companies, has announced survey results published by industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group, in which survey participants identified Epicor as delivering low total per user cost of software, service and maintenance for mid-size companies.

In addition to scoring at the top of several critical value categories and excelling in delivering value and total per user cost, the survey also demonstrates that customers have implemented significantly more of Epicor’s solutions relative to other competitors.

Based on total per user cost for software, services and maintenance, Epicor solutions cost 26% less than the overall industry average according to Aberdeen’s “Total Cost of ERP Ownership in Mid-Size Companies” survey results by vendor and over 50% less than competing solutions.

The report also showed Epicor overall per user cost of software and services is nearly 14% less than the average spent by mid-sized companies and Epicor customers spend nearly 50% less on software implementation services.

More significantly, when compared to mid-size companies implementing SAP or Oracle, Epicor customers implemented more software and more features at an average of 4 to 6 times less cost respectively.

“We are very pleased, though not surprised to see the survey results rank us first in several major value categories by a clear margin and number one in total per user cost,” said George Klaus, chairman and CEO of Epicor.

“The results validate what our customers already know our solutions deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and best business value for midmarket enterprises, while providing all the functionality required to run their businesses.”

“The significantly higher use of modules implemented up to 16% more utilisation than competitors demonstrates not only the ease of use, power and flexibility of our award winning service-oriented solutions, but also our focus and commitment on delivering the features customers really need.”

“We surveyed more than 1,680 companies of all sizes to benchmark ERP in Manufacturing,” said Cindy Jutras, vice president and group director at Aberdeen.

“We then analysed responses from 645 participating companies with annual revenues between $50m and $1bn in our ‘Total Cost of ERP Ownership Mid-size Companies’ report, where Epicor demonstrated the lowest average total cost per user when looking at the combined cost of software, services and maintenance costs in mid-size companies.”

“The survey also revealed Epicor customers use almost 10% more of the functionality of software modules implemented, in comparison to other mid-size companies using competitive solutions.”

Report verifies demonstrated return on investment:

Aberdeen’s Sector Insight on the “Total Cost of ERP Ownership for Mid-Size Companies” included comparisons to 6 major ERP providers, based on responses from the 645 mid-size companies surveyed. The results showed that on average Epicor software costs less to purchase, implement and to maintain on a per-user basis. The survey also revealed that Epicor customers implement over 8% more modules when compared to other mid-size companies using competitive solutions whether Tier 1 or SMB focused.

Klaus added, “The true value and benefit of an ERP solution is being able to implement and use what was purchased to make the business more productive and efficient.”

“Managing initial purchase cost is certainly one key element of value. However, ease-of-use, flexibility and industry-focus play a significant role in keeping costs down during and after implementation.”

“This survey clearly reveals that Epicor customers have both—they spend a lot less money on software, services and maintenance while at the same time they are using significantly more of the software they purchased—meaning they are truly receiving greater value and benefit from their Epicor investment.”

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