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UD4 and ODBY types of guillotines from Epic Industries

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Epic Industries  provides different models of guillotines that include UD4 and ODB6. UD4 model of guillotines possess total capacity ranging to about 2460 millimetres with dimensions of length 2900 millimetres, height and width ranging to about 1280 millimetres and 1280 millimetres. Different features of this UD4 guillotine include inching button, fixed rake, motor of 5.5 kilowatts, photoelectric guarding, hydraulic double acting clamp cylinder, hydraulic shearing, hydraulic clamping, squaring arm, front sheet supports, clamp type backgauge and fine screw adjustment. The top beam of this guillotine consists of machined heavy duty slides that have been specifically lined with brass thereby imparting durability to the guillotine.

UD4 guillotine supplied by Epic Industries operate in low electric voltage conditions of 24 volts. These guillotines are supplied in conjunction with several optional accessories such as pneumatic sheet supports, electronic control back gauge, power back gauge operator and stainless steel blades for shearing applications.

ODB6 model of guillotines from Epic Industries possess total weight ranging to about five ton. Several other features of this guillotine include hydraulic bar clamp, shadow line lighting, top blade carrier, 7.5 kilowatts of motor, squaring arm, clamp type backgauge, front gauge as well as front sheet support.

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