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Touch and Go back gauges from Epic Industries

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Epic Industries  specialises in the supply of guillotines. Epic Industries has been involved in the supply of guillotines and machinery for over 30 years. Epic Industries provides different services such as resharpening of blades, new blades, hydraulic work, regular maintenance and spare parts supply.

Epic Industries manufactures sheet metal as well as plate working machinery. Epic Industries provides Touch and Go back gauges. This back gauge controller is capable of positioning to about 0.1 millimetres and provides forward as well as reverse speed ranging to about 100 millimetres per second. Different features of Touch and Go back gauges include two ball screws, eight self aligning brushes, bearing in conjunction with wiper seals, ball screws, toothed timing belt and linear ball brushings. The toothed timing belt of this back gauge enables precise tandem operation of belt drive unit.

Aligning brushes of Touch and Go back gauges provided by Epic Industries have been specifically developed to provide rolling movement rather than sliding linear movement. This property of aligning brushes provides durability to the gauge. Ball bearings with wiper seals offer protection against contamination to these bearings. Touch and Go back gauges from Epic Industries utilise two gauge units per machine that eliminate chances of crabbing.

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