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Attractive epoxy resin floorings from Epcor Industries

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Epcor Industries  specialises in providing cost effective as well as durable epoxy floorings and coatings. Epcor Industries ensures to provide the right floor coating solution that suits the individual requirement of the client. Epcor Industries proposes the right floor coating after the determination of the specific flooring use as well as application.

The team of experienced personnel housed by Epcor Industries ensures to deliver high strength flooring system that also comprises of an exceptional performing slip retardant finish. These high strength floorings installed by Epcor Industries have the capability to show resistance against heat as well as chemicals. Epoxy floorings from Epcor Industries also ensure to provide safe hardwearing as well as attractive surfaces.

Epcor Industries specialises in the supply of epoxy resin floorings that have been manufactured by renowned manufacturers like Hychem International, Basf Construction Chemicals Australia, Sika, Crommelin, Epigen and Nuplex Construction products.

Epcor Industries has offered these durable epoxy resin floorings as well as coatings to an extensive range of clients such as IGA, Western Power, Action, Coles Myer, Shire Councils, Government Departments, Aircraft Hangers, Brumbys, restaurants and cafes as well as several commercial and industrial businesses.

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