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WaterStax treats waste water

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article image WaterStax system uses bioremediation technology to economically remove waste.
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ENWARE’S waste water treatment is proving that an environmentally sensitive way to treat wash water generated by maintaining parks, public facilities, golf courses, turf farms and intensive agricultural industries is possible in Australia.

Its WaterStax technology is a low-cost, low-maintenance system for treating waste wash water. Applications include equipment washpads. Washpads are used at over 2000 golf courses in this country, which serve more the 1.3 million players.

WaterStax uses bioremediation technology to economically remove oil, grease, hydrocarbons and grass clippings from the thousands of litres of wash water that is typically generated on washpads every day. Washpads are used in the cleaning of mowers and diverse landscaping equipment employed by hospitality, local government, agricultural and other sectors.

Unlike filtration systems which create a residue that must be disposed of with legally regulated great care, WaterStax installations use a highly effective blend of microbes, Baseline Bugs, that literally consumes and converts wastes to harmless H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). The water can then be recycled or discharged either to the sewer or used for irrigation, according to Enware Product Development Manager Graeme Hansen.

Baseline Bugs is nontoxic and free of pathogens. It meets all current and proposed EPA regulations for biological treatment and is highly suitable to Australian conditions, said Mr Hansen, who has been involved in the country's first, highly successful, installations of the technology at golf courses in Victoria and Queensland.

They are part of a program of more than 250 WaterStax installations worldwide, including the two major models available in Australia:

* WS1000-D three-stage system, of 3785L nominal daily capacity, which discharges to sewer or for irrigation

* WSR-1000D four-stage system, of 5675L nominal daily capacity, which recycles treated water for re-use on the washpad.

The modular WaterStax system - with galvanised frame and UV and chemical resistant high density polyethylene tanks - is fed from a half-horsepower submersible sump pump. Accumulated waste is fed through an easily cleaned screen to the series of tanks.

As the liquid moves through the series of tanks, air and the Australian-manufactured Baseline Bugs microbe solution is injected to commence the progressive bioremediation and water polishing process.

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