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Touch-activated tapware available from Enware

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Enware  has introduced touch-activated, self-closing to optimise water savings in commercial and institutional applications.

The Enmatic touch-activated time flow taps comply with mandatory WELS water conservation and labelling laws, while also having widely proven Piezo touch control that is light and easy to use even for young children, older people and those with disabilities.

Electronically controlled for accurate flow times – and featuring an anti vandal design to ensure Touch-activated tapware cannot be held open.

The taps are robustly constructed, suitable for applications ranging from hotels, hospitality venues, shopping centres and transport terminals to government facilities and food service areas. Flow time is adjustable to suit target application needs, delivering cold or pre-mixed water.

Enware Australia managing director Paul Degnan says the Touch-activated taps are the result of years of development in electronic sanitary products by Enware.

Features include:

Easy touch activation: Mechanical self-closing taps require considerable strength to activate water flow, while the Enmatic taps can be activated with almost no force, allowing all user groups equal comfort.

Accurate flow time: The accurate and stable water discharge enhances water conservation, hygiene and safety. The default water flow of eight seconds is accurately maintained throughout the complete product lifespan. Flow time is easily adjustable on-site, in one second increments, without having to turn the water supply off or making internal adjustments to the tap.

Advanced on-off function: This enables users to stop the water before the flow cycle has finished. When the user does not require any additional water, touching the Piezo button will automatically stop any flow. This ensures additional water savings and reduces operating costs.

Anti-vandal design: The Enmatic touch-activated time flow does not have any external moving parts, which, combined with the taps’ no-hold-open feature, provides high vandal resistance.

Reduced maintenance costs: The design has a very low sensitivity to dirty water and lime, reducing maintenance costs compared with many mechanical options available. Battery life time is 500,000+ cycles.

Enware’s time-flow tapware is supplied standard with a WELS 4-star efficiency rating and is also available in 3. 5 and 6-star ratings.

Enware products that conform to the stringent WELS requirements include pre-rinse and rinse equipment used widely in commercial food applications; water-efficient tapware; and shower heads based on proven core pressure compensating, flow control technologies proven in Enware’s Australian and international markets since 1988.

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