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Shower and toilet facilities for aged care facilities

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One of Australia’s leading age care providers has become the latest in the country to install independence-oriented bathroom systems that support and protect residents without institutionalizing their surroundings. 
The state-of-the-art constitution hill retirement living community at Old Toongabbie in Sydney,  winner of an Australian master builders award for excellence, has installed Pressalit Care track based shower and toilet facilities from Caredesign.
The internationally respected Scandinavian range of bathroom care products, known for its Keep Living design philosophy, includes height-adjustable folding shower seating and non-intrusive folding toilet support arms.

The aesthetically pleasing and architecturally designed track system of seating and support arms has been installed throughout the new 121 bed residential aged care facility at Constitution Hill, where it can be adjusted to the height and preferences of individual residents when required, or removed altogether if not needed. The attractive bathroom systems are robust, with warm and slip-resistant contact surfaces comprised of materials such as two-component plastic and polyurethane foam.

To help their environments grow and change with individual residents’ needs, the Pressalit care system’s adjustment options include horizontal and vertical tracking and easy interchange of products used on the tracking system. The flexibility is designed to give interior designers freedom to plan a bathroom that meets current needs precisely, but which can be changed and expanded as needs alter.

According to Constitution Hill, Pressalit care system is a impressive system and when they were previously planning to have fixed fittings, their architects Budden Nagle Michael Hudson introduced them to Pressalit care system. Pressalit care system not only helps residents, but also is beneficial for OHS protection of their staff.

Residents liked the look of the system and when showing rooms, people get put off, if the bathrooms they are seeing have an institutional feel. They may be fully aware that they may one day need the support, or even need it now, but they don’t want to live in a place with strong suggestions of disability or lack of independence. It’s natural that people like to feel very independent. So Constitution Hill’s facility ensures a positive but supportive ambience.

Budden Nangle Michael & Hudson Architects stated that they recommended the Pressalit Care system after considerable research because it was consistent with the resident-focused approach that had made Constitution Hill such a successful aged care community. They also noted that the fact that the fittings were installed specifically to meet individual needs and this meant that a more homelike bathroom environment was created, in addition to the economic benefits of not fitting unnecessary fixed railings throughout all rooms.

A project of Australian unity retirement living, Constitution Hill will ultimately comprise  over 400 self care apartments plus a residential aged care facility containing  89 low-care or hostel rooms and  32 high care beds. Quality accommodation, which is designed to support the wellbeing, independence and dignity of residents, provides an environment where residents can join the community, when they require low level assisted care and remain secure in their familiar environment if they need higher-level care later.

The community is resident-oriented in many ways, from the subtly protective rails and bathroom fit outs of its apartments, through to the community facilities.  Facilities for independent living residents include an internet chat room, library, hairdressing and beauty salon, full sized bowling green, cinema, pool, coffee shop and billiards table, to a fully equipped workshop with tools and lathes for woodworking and metal working.

While its external ambience is focused strongly on maximising the lifestyle potential of the residents, it is also strongly concerned with protecting the wellbeing of residents and staff through equipment that meets and exceeds world’s best standards, including Australian Standards, ISO Standards and rigorous CE certification standards of the EU.

Budden Nangle Michael & Hudson Architects states that careful design to separate vehicular and pedestrian circulation, augmented by a social unit approach to the design of the independent living units, with entry courtyard spaces and separate extensively landscaped major courtyards containing barbeques and outdoor pergola covered seating to create a number of sub –communities within a large village, had created a vibrant and usable resident environment which supported active involvement by residents in the Constitution Hill community.

According to Enware’s Care, the Pressalit Care support system breaks down barriers for people who might benefit from some support but who are alienated by the prospect of care products that are institutional in appearance and cumbersome to install and use. 

There are thousands and thousands of people, younger and older, who have a limited need for support but who would baulk at the prospect of having anything of an institutional nature in their homes. Pressalit Care overcomes this by having a stylishly subtle appearance with good support features that are simple to appreciate. 

A high percentage of users need both vertical and horizontal adjustment because their physical situation changes, alternating between being independent and requiring assistance; switching between walking and sitting. 

The Pressalit Care system incorporates a complete range of bathroom products, including manually or electrically actuated adjustable basins and toilet brackets, raised toilet seats, adjustable change tables, support arms, seats, storage containers, modular shelves and baskets, handrails, curtain rails, shower rails, corridor rails, shower heads and tapware. 

Another beauty of the track system is that it is easy to install without structural modifications that are a cost and physical barrier to acceptance of some traditional fixed height bathroom products. 

With ergonomically shaped hand profiles, plus a hygienic slimline mounting bracket, the Danish-designed Pressalit Care range of seats are ergonomically constructed in an easily cleaned, scratch-resistant and burn-resistant material, with strong stainless steel hinges and connecting products, plus durable materials such as anodized aluminium, powder-finished aluminium and coated steel. 


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