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Relocatable SafeEquip Safety Stations from Enware

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Relocatable safety stations that can be customized to the safety needs of particular sites and industries are being introduced by Enware Australia .

The new SafeEquip Safety Stations – including fire extinguisher, eyewash, spill kit and first aid as standard components – are compactly integrated into a Firerack trolley.

SafeEquip Safety Stations need no power and no plumbing to be fully operational at any worksite or workplace, says Enware Australia Managing Director Mr Paul Degnan.

“The beauty of these stations is that they can place safety equipment and first aid exactly where it is needed when it is needed. Removing delay is essential to good safety and first aid practices, and these stations deliver products that minimize damage and personal harm,” said Degnan.

The standard SafeEquip Station includes: 

  • SafeEquip Trolley in bright safety red
  • Fire extinguishers are specified according to the preferences and needs of particular customers and industries 
  • First aid kit suitable for 1 - 20 staff 
  • Enpac Spill Kit, located inside the overpack. This general purpose spill kit includes 30 Gal (113.5 litre) Enpac Salvage Drum, 50 Pads, two large socks, six small socks, one pack of wipers, STARDUST adsorbent powder, two disposal bags with ties, nitrile gloves, goggles, emergency response guide and Instruction Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 
  • Gravity Fed Eyewash Station able to supply the 15-minutes of flushing fluid to the eyes that is required by safety regulations. 
  • Tough portable polyethylene Enpac Overpack 30 Drum. This safety approved salvage drum that has multiple uses, including use as a storage container for the spill kits. It can also be used to capture the water when decanting the eyewash unit and to store waste or spilled material in the event of a liquid spill/clean up.
  • The range includes Fire Station Trolleys and Weldmate Trolleys equipped to meet the needs of particular industries and applications.

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