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Portable Decontamination Units Featuring FAST-ACT Technology available from Enware

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Enware Australia  is introducing a toxic chemical Decontamination Mitt to Australasia. These decontamination units consist of a pouch with a wipe-down mitt that has been injected with FAST-ACT, a non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly sorbent that provides high quality chemical protection and decontamination capabilities.  

“FAST-ACT not only adsorbs a wide range of dangerous toxic industrial and military substances, but also it neutralizes them to safer by-products,” says Enware Business Development Manager for Environmental and Health, Mr. Scott Whittaker.

FAST-ACT facilitates decontamination through adsorption and neutralisation of dangerous chemical agents such as acids, halogens, phosphorous, nitrogen organic compounds. The technology within these decontamination units creates a large increase in the powder’s active surface area so relatively small quantities of product are effective over broad areas.

The self- contained decontamination units are designed to fit comfortably within work garment pockets. The mitts feature a soft pad material backed onto it by a film to protect the user from any contamination by substances to which it is applied.

“The beauty of the product is that it provides personal, portable and immediately accessible first-response protection for personnel working some distances from fixed safety equipment, such as decontamination showers.

Immediate access to protection is very important in accident and spill situations because, saving even seconds can make huge differences to preventing injuries and protecting lives,” Whittaker states.

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