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Pocket-sized Decontamination Mitt available from Enware Australia

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Enware Australia is introducing the Decontamination Mitt to the Asia Pacific.  The toxic chemical Decontamination Mitt is known for its effectiveness that other versions of the product can be found used in armed forces to neutralise Chemical Warfare Agents.  The Decontamination Mitts involves a soft pad material backed on the mitt by a film to protect the user from contamination substances and a decontaiminating powder called FAST-ACT.

FAST-ACT is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly sorbent that provides chemical protection and decontamination capabilities.  The FAST-ACT in the Decontamination Mitt facilitates decontamination through absorption and neutralisation of dangerous chemical agents, such as acids, halogens, phosphorous and nitrogen organic compounds.

Enware Australia has the Decontamination Mitt available in self-contained mitt packages, designed to fit comfortably within work garments and also carried or stored in small spaces. 

The FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitts join Enware Australia’s broad family of safety and environmental technologies, including Enware Australia’s emergency showers and eye/face washes.

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