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New WaterMaze Industrial Wastewater Systems from Enware Australia

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One of the world’s most advanced industrial wastewater treatment systems has been launched in Australia by Enware Australia to help marina and boatyard operators protect their aquatic environments as well as avoid hefty disposal costs for oil-laden and problematic wash waters.  

The new generation WaterMaze Innovator industrial wastewater treatment technology was introduced to Australia by WaterMaze US National Sales Manager, Mr Bernie Larson and Enware Environmental Product Manager, Mr Scott Whittaker at the Cronulla Marina recently.  

The marina wastewater treatment system is designed to preserve the environment through water remediation as well as water recycling and is being installed at the Cronulla Marina as it expands its capacity from 28 to 80 berths.  

One of the first marina WaterMaze installations in Australia, the system aims to reduce the environmental impact of the expansion. The technology is already widely proven at broader industries producing wastewater and is highly applicable to Australia’s 300-plus marinas and the large number of boatyards around the country’s 30,000km coastline.  

Mr Whittaker told launch guests including Marina Industries Association Executive Officer Mr Colin Bransgrove that operators of marinas and boatyards are fully aware of the value of keeping boats, docks and facilities clean, making them last longer and function more efficiently.  

Increasingly, however, disposing off the wastewater generated by cleaning can be an issue, especially as more and more local governments develop restrictions. Oil, grease, minerals, paint and metals such as copper create an environmental problem that must be treated properly before disposal.  

Recognising that different operations have different needs, the Innovator Series comprises of wastewater technologies that can work together or individually on particular sites.  

The new Innovator Series modular wastewater treatment system with flow rates up to 75 litres a minute includes electrocoagulation and chemical treatment components to remove emulsified oils, heavy metals and solids from a broad range of waste streams, leaving no untreated water standing in the system.  

Enware offers diverse support services for the boat and marina industry:

  • Wastewater tests and analyses, which precisely identify contaminants in particular waste streams
  • Wash rack designs and pad drawings to maximise the effectiveness of cleaning equipment and complementary water treatment system
  • Maintenance programs by local technicians to ensure effective operation long after installation


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