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New Enpac spill containment solutions from Enware Australia

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An advanced range of spill containment and dispensing solutions is contained in the new Enpac SafeEquip catalogue from Enware Australia .

Recent additions to the range include the single Poly-Rack system for 205 litre drums, the Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550 for storing hazardous liquid above ground, Poly-Spill cart for transporting drums, the Storm Sentinel catch basin insert and various portable containment solutions.

Enware Australia notes in the catalogue the increased demands placed on industry for the safe handling, storing and transporting of a range of materials.

“Our product solutions can secure your profits and ensure you protect both the environment and your workers,” said Enware Australia managing director, Paul Degnan.

These solutions:

  • Limit worker exposure to accidents and to hazardous materials
  • Reduce material costs by reclaiming spills and maximising material utilisation
  • Increase productivity, as lightweight handling and storage products let workers move more products quickly and safely
  • Reduce disposal costs by reclaiming spilled material.
  • Lower insurance costs, as the right handling products may reduce workers compensation premiums and provides 24 hour a day 7 days a week protection for the environment

The Enpac SafeEquip catalogue includes salvage drums, dispensing systems, mobile dispensing solutions, pallets including spill pallets, drum workstations, emergency response solutions and portable containment systems.

New to the range is the single Poly-Rack dispensing system that is the economical, space-saving solution to storing and dispensing from 205 litre drums.

The system, which is made from tough but lightweight Enpac polyethylene, consists of single Poly-Racker, single Poly-Stacker, Universal Well Liner and Poly Shelf. The Poly-Stacker allows a second 205 litre drum to be stacked on top of Poly-Racker.

Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550 is a versatile above-ground containment system for a variety of containers such as fuel storage tanks, 205 litre drums and IBCs. It safely protects against hazardous liquid discharge into the ground, while its roomy interior leaves space for hoses and related equipment. The unit has a sump capacity of 2081 litres.

A further addition to the range is the Poly-Spill Cart, which minimises the risk of spills while transporting drums. The cart carries two 205 litre drums or other containers, has caster wheels for easy movement, and a drain plug to allow effortless emptying of the 216 litre sump.

Enpac polyethylene equipment complies with demanding packaging and environmental standards for handling, storage and transporting of hazardous materials.

Among the new portable containment devices in the Enpac range are the Stinger Berm for immediate large-scale spill response, the Stinger Snap Foam Berm with drive-in and drive-out capability, the portable Stinger Yellow Jacket pallet for preventing spills, Spillpal for temporary material storage, the Bazooka filtration system that captures contaminants, and the compact and portable Prowler Pop-up Pools.

For catching oil and sediment that is heading into storm drains and sewers, the range includes Storm Sentinel, an adjustable catch basin insert. This fits into round, square or rectangular catch basins and requires no special tools to install.

Degnan said that not only do the Enpac pallets and dispensing solutions limit worker exposure to accidents, but they also reduce materials costs by reclaiming spillage and reduce disposal costs.

“The tough but light range is intelligently designed to enable workers to boost productivity by moving more product more quickly. A major benefit also, in these days of high workers compensation claims, is potentially being able to reduce premiums by demonstrating first class facilities plans and materials handling products.”

The new National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) figures show that Australian industries particularly prone to workers compensation claims include transport and storage; agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, construction and mining.

The same NOHSC figures show Australian industry now has well over 25,000 new workers compensation cases a year where falls, slips and trips result in death, permanent disability or a temporary disability resulting in an absence from work of more than a week. Sprains or strains of joints or adjacent muscles now account for more than 50 per cent of new workers compensation cases recorded by the NOHSC.

Degnan says the Enpac range is unique in Australasia because it brings together in one system a complete range of solutions to materials handling issues commonly arising across a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

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