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New Eco-Friendly Coagulation Wastewater Treatment Technology Solves Industrial Disposal Problems

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Enware Australia  introduces a new generation wastewater treatment technology designed to help industries through water remediation and recycling processes while avoiding costs of water disposal.  

Water Maze CoAg Innovator coagulation wastewater treatment systems are advanced chemical treatment systems with flow rates of up to 75 litres per minute, and involving the addition of an advanced chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process to efficiently remove suspended solids, heavy metals and emulsified oils.  

Designed as a continual flow batch feed processing system, the low maintenance and cost-effective wastewater treatment system can be used on its own as a primary water treatment system or with other technologies such as electro-coagulation or bioremediation.  

The PLC control-operated CoAg automated wastewater treatment system features simple operation and can create water quality that is recyclable or good enough for discharge into sanitary sewers. A key advantage is that the system does not allow water to stand in the tank after processing, eliminating the requirement for odour control.  

The new modular chemical treatment system extends the proven success of the Water Maze WaterStax bioremediation system.  

CoAg wastewater treatment systems can treat and recycle commercial and industrial wastewater that would otherwise be subject to costly collection and further treatment, says Enware Environmental Product Manager Mr Scott Whittaker.  

The latest Water Maze technologies can be customised to fit individual user needs.  

CoAg coagulation wastewater treatment systems offer modules such as:  

Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF) 

  • Can be applied as pre-treatment or post-treatment to another water treatment system to remove particulates
  • Employs media paper of various micron sizes to filter out particulates in water
  • Adjustable support legs to accommodate different sump sizes
  • Can alternatively be lowered over the top of an existing sump drain

Clean Water Recycling Module (REC) 

  • Automatically manages the flow of treated water for re-use
  • Can be applied as a module for the CoAg System or other applications where water recycling is required

Key benefits of CoAg coagulation wastewater treatment systems

  • Continual flow batch feed processing system
  • Integrated processing tanks that stand empty except when processing water
  • No standing water in tanks after processing, eliminating the need for odour control 
  • Water is quickly processed and discharged to sewer or held for recycling
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Significant savings from avoiding water disposal costs

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