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Latest technology coagulation water treatment from Enware Australia

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Enware Australia introduces a new generation Water Maze Innovator coagulation industrial wastewater treatment technology to help users preserve their environment through water remediation and recycling.  

The new Innovator EC modular system includes electrocoagulation and chemical treatment components to remove emulsified oils, heavy metals and solids from a broad range of waste streams.

The Innovator system comes in two versions, which are:

EC2-20A Advanced Electro-Coagulation Technology.  Combining both electro-coagulation and chemical flocculation to enhance and speed up the process of removing constituents from wastewater, this system has been specifically designed to treat wash water and other industrial wastewater that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals.

CoAg2-20A Advanced Chemical Treatment. A low maintenance and very cost-effective system, the Water Maze CoAg2-20A, adds an advanced chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils.

This new generation of coagulation water treatment will help consumers avoid hefty disposal costs for untreated water. At the same time, it includes such benefits as:

  • highly efficient, continual flow batch feed processing system
  • integrated processing tanks which stand empty except when processing water
  • no standing water in tanks after processing, eliminating the need for odour control
  • no need to send dirty water away; water is quickly processed and discharged to sewer or held for recycling; and a
  • compact design with small footprint.

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