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Enware’s latest spill protection, safety showers and eyewashes on show at Safety in Action 2013

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Enware Australia  will be displaying a world-leading range of portable spill containment equipment along with emergency shower and eyewash technologies at Safety in Action 2013 in March.
Enware’s Enpac spill containment products designed to help remove risks from the workplace will be introduced at the event. Enpac’s range of easily handled relocatable spill containment products is custom-designed to protect the environment and workers from hazardous chemicals found in industrial, civil, municipal, mining and military applications.
Produced by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spill prevention, containment and control products, Enpac, the flexible, portable and robust containment products are constructed from high-grade specialised polymers to resist a diverse range of fuels and chemicals.
According to Allan Lane, Business Development Manager, Safety for Enware Australia, the display will underline the leading role played by the company in the provision of industrial and commercial safety equipment in the emergency hazard protection and spill prevention categories.
Enpac portable spill protection solutions to be showcased at Safety in Action 2013 are available in a wide range of sizes, and are suitable for accommodating small storage containers up to IBC units, or even vehicles. The enhanced chemical resistance of this range is ideal for major sectors such as construction, defence, infrastructure engineering and mining.
Enpac spill protection products on show include:

  • SPILLPAL drum containment units
  • STINGER Yellow Jacket chemical lightweight pallets
  • STINGER Snap-Up Berm – Hydrocarbon for large-scale immediate spill response
  • STINGER Snap-Foam Berm – Hydrocarbon for drive-in-drive out applications
  • STINGER SPILLPAL instant containment berm with removable foam sidewalls
Enware will also showcase its comprehensive range of safety showers, eyewashes and spill protection products designed for use on industrial worksites in the mining, oil, gas, heavy engineering and energy sectors.
Enware Australia’s range of emergency safety showers and eye/face washes features breakthrough technology that quickly removes contaminants and irritants from the face, eyes and body. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the high-visibility showers and eyewashes have been independently tested for compliance to ANSI Z358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007 standards.
Enware’s Tobin eyewash systems provide an effective, sterile and safe solution for industrial use, and are designed to ensure that even a temporarily blinded and confused person can identify the eyewash quickly.
Safety in Action 2013 is being held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on March 19-21.

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