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Enware Waste Water Treatment releases advanced biological treatment system

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Enware Waste Water Treatment has launched a new advanced biological treatment system for industrial, commercial and recreational wastewater, produced when cleaning equipment on a wash pad commonly used by golf clubs, parks and gardens, councils, farming and agricultural business, plus estates and resorts.

The WaterMaze CLB recycling and discharge systems build on the success of Enware’s WaterStax biotechnology, which has been proven in 250 applications worldwide, including the Hyatt Regency Coolum Golf Resort and Spa, the venue of the Australian PGA golf championship.

The new modular WaterMaze system, which is also suitable for turf farm, school, sporting facility, park and property applications, has evolved to allow easier and simpler customisation to individual user needs.

The WaterMaze BioSystem employs new biotechnology for treating and recycling commercial and industrial waste water that would otherwise produce waste that legally needs to be collected and chemically treated by approved waste management companies. Potential markets include golf, turf, park and property maintenance applications, where there is a high organic content in the wash water. Efficiently removing such pollution is vital to maintaining environmental, regulatory and property values in sensitive and attractive areas, such as the premium residential development occurring around the Hyatt Regency Coolum.

The CLB’s unique design features modular components, so the system is customised to match each customer’s application requirements, as well as to tailor equipment cost and performance to only what is truly needed. To further enhance efficiency, the systems are automated for ease of maintenance by regular and part-time staff, with an automatic purge feature.

WaterMaze’s advanced biotechnology features super-efficient microbial digesting over 190 sq m of biomedia; enhanced water circulation; injection of cultured microbes at concentrated levels; and introduction of a special microbial nutrients blend. Unlike filtration systems, which create a sometimes hazardous sludge, the BioSystem naturally converts organic contaminants in a waste stream (such as oil, grease, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides) into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

WaterMaze’s patented Air Stick Technology injects the waste stream with higher levels of dissolved oxygen than air blowers or compressed air, to maximise aerobic digestion rates and overcome high BOD (biological oxygen demand) levels.

Its cone-bottom CLT tanks have a 60 degree slope to enhance settling and removal of suspended solids in the wastestream. Durability is enhanced by the UV and chemical resistant high density, crosslinked polyethylene tanks and a water-resistant automated control centre with electronics protected by a Nema 4 fibreglass control box.

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