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Enware Ultra Rinse food service gun short listed for the 2007 Australian Design Awards

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The recently released food service spray rinse gun from Enware was short listed for the finals of the 2007 Australian Design Awards.

The FS729 Ultra Rinse food service gun carries both the WaterMark to AS/NZS 3718 and WELS 6 Star Water Efficiency Rating, that allows this product to be legally sold and installed in accordance with relevant federal, state and territory legislation.

The FS729, with a nominal flow rate of four litres a minute, also achieves the internationally respected benchmark of California’s pre-rinse spray valve specifications, introduced to save both water and energy, says Enware Australia Managing Director Paul Degnan.

“This locally designed and manufactured product – designed for export to the world’s toughest markets – sets new standards for new and retrofitted installations in a host of markets, including food, beverage, hospitality and retail as well as club, industrial, commercial, educational and health care canteens and kitchens.

“We are very pleased to have been short listed for this prestigious award, and have the upmost confidence in the quality of our Ultra Rinse spray gun.”

Based on the proven, rugged and reliable FS721 gun body, the FS729 Ultra Rinse incorporates a moulded rubber spray nozzle guard, new high velocity spray pattern and enhanced water technology efficiency. The proven self-closing headwork and handle design has been retained.

Exhaustive in-house testing in accordance with AS/NZS3718, AS/NZS6400 and CUWCC-FSTC VS 10 has demonstrated superior performance in cleanability performance along with significant water and energy saving values, says Degnan.

“In layman's terms, it uses less water per minute and it cleans faster. This means it saves both water and saves the electricity used to heat the water - with the added bonus of freeing up time previously spent at the sink.”

As well as in-service testing with one of the world’s largest fast food operations, the gun was subjected to testing to the Californian Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Specification to ensure it performed as well in the real world as in test kitchens.

“The California specification forms a part of the US government’s mandatory programme for their products, not only significantly reducing both water and energy consumption through their use in commercial kitchen environments, but also establishing a formal test termed “Cleanability” to ensure the product will perform satisfactorily in real world service.

“Enware is also been a champion of Australia’s new WELS regulations, which from July 1 this year apply to a vast array of commercial, industrial and domestic appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, toilet suites, showers, taps, urinal suites and food service tapware. All are now required to be rated and labelled. Products unable to comply will receive a zero star (warning) rating and be labelled accordingly.

“As it has with this new food service gun, Enware produces tapware with outstanding water efficiency ratings and options to suit a wide range of performance requirements, right up to six-star rated”

Enware’s WELS-compliant tapware and showers are based on proven core pressure compensating, flow control technologies proven in Enware’s Australian and international markets since 1988.

“The huge benefit of WELS’ level playing field will be that, finally, product specifiers and users will have clear signposts to the efficiency and subsequent Australian Standards compliance of the products they install. Inferior performance will have no place to hide,” says Degnan.

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