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Enware Caredesign introduces a range of Pressalit electrically driven lifts

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A range of Pressalit electrically driven lifts for kitchen worktops and wall cupboards has been introduced by Enware Caredesign to enhance the safety and comfort of older people, children, kitchen workers, the physically handicapped and their carers.

The unique lifts, stylishly contained within telescopic legs and behind cupboard fittings, enable people of different stature and physical capabilities to adjust the height of worktops and cupboards, so they can carry out as many functions as possible without assistance, whether standing or seated.

The functional and robust design, actuated by simple and safe switching equipment, also enhances the comfort and safety of professional and voluntary carers as well as kitchen workers, caterers, teachers, nurses and relatives, who often perform a major share of kitchen work.

The modular lifts can be incorporated into a virtually limitless range of standard and custom-fabricated cupboards and worktops, permitting professional and private users to combine them with the furniture of their choice, taste and professional requirements. The lifts can comply with both OHS and personal needs without needing to have any institutional feel at all.

Kitchen furnishings often need to be adapted to different users with widely different needs, including private kitchens, communal kitchens and training kitchens in which, several people with different capabilities must be able to work together comfortably at the same time. Kitchens in individual homes must also accommodate self-reliant users and helpers as the needs of the individual change.

The broad Pressalit Care support system, of which the new height adjustable lifts are part, helps to break down barriers for people who might benefit from some support, but who are alienated by the prospect of care products that are institutional in appearance and cumbersome to install and use. 

There are thousands and thousands of people, younger and older, who have a limited need for support, but who would baulk at the prospect of having anything of an institutional nature in their homes. Pressalit Care overcomes this by incorporating its lifts within a huge variety of kitchen furniture.

Worktops and wall cupboards are adjusted to a comfortable height using switches on the worktop front. Worktops can be adjusted vertically 400mm. Wall cupboards can be moved diagonally, both vertically and forwards. From its high position, the cupboard can be moved 350mm downwards and 150mm forwards.

Safety features include shielding (unobtrusive plates and pressure-sensitive safety bars) designed to prevent injury in operation. These incorporate the extensive experience of the Danish-designed Pressalit Care ranges of kitchen and bathroom products, which are designed to a philosophy that impaired mobility need not limit a person’s life.

The lifts are built as modules, which makes them easy to transport and install. It also means the lifts can be adapted to the vast majority of worktops and wall cupboards.

Being able to adjust the height of worktops and wall cupboards is a great help for almost everyone. The new Pressalit Care lifts mean the user can design own height adjustable kitchen. Many users need both vertical and horizontal adjustment because their physical situation changes, alternating between being independent and requiring assistance; switching between walking and sitting.

The Pressalit Care system incorporates both kitchen products and a complete range of bathroom products, including manually or electrically actuated adjustable basins and toilet brackets, raised toilet seats, adjustable change tables, support arms, seats, storage containers, modular shelves and baskets, handrails, curtain rails, shower rails, corridor rails, shower heads and tapware.

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