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Enware Australia introduces ZeoMed, industry-specific infectious waste cleanup systems

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Industry-specific infectious waste cleanup systems are being introduced nationally by Enware Australia , to help employers and owners, and operators of public and private facilities protect staff, and comply with WorkCover mandatory legislation.

The ZeoMed system to is designed to provide a hygienic handling and disposal system for spills commonly encountered in workplace, public and recreational areas, including blood, vomit and body fluids that pose health hazards including HIV and Hepatitis.

ZeoMed kits, which can be hung next to fire extinguishers or placed in first aid kits for quick recognition and use, include face masks, medical gloves, apron, absorbent material, scoop, scraper, bright yellow waste bags and antiseptic cleanup materials.

It is now a legal requirement for all employers to have controls in place to protect staff from potential infection from body spills. The legal requirements extend across a broad range of industry, commerce and public institutions, ranging from hospitality and entertainment venues, to retail, industrial, transport, and medical and laboratory facilities, according to Enware.

The requirements apply equally to operators of hospitality venues as to health care facilities; to factories as to retail outlets; clubs to schools and transport terminals; mining and construction sites as to facilities where food, beverages and primary products are prepared and processed. Its scope is all-encompassing and relates both to workers and non-workers on-site.

Available with contents adapted to the needs of particular industries and facilities, ZeoMed kits provide a complete system to protect employees, contain the spill, and absorb odour and manage the disposal of the spill correctly.

Waste products gathered using the system is sealed into the bags using a built-in tie to contain them until collected, in accordance with Government regulations for different categories of substance.

Industry-specific kits include those adapted to the needs of particular areas of industry, commerce, hospitality and laboratory and medical science, including health care industry kits with a cytotoxic emphasis, designed to protect staff dealing with the large number of people who undergo chemotherapy. Industrial kits include those developed to help protect against acid spills in electrical and process applications, including training.

Components of the system have been widely used by major organisations including Accor hotels; Australian Hotels Association; Exide batteries; Star City Casino; National Maritime Museum; Queensland Rail; Sydney Aquarium; Sydney Olympic Park Authority; NSW Parliament; Sydney Opera House; Australian Museum; TABCorp; Superdome as well as major retail, travel, industry and service groups.

ZeoMed spill kits have been developed in consultation with Work cover, to comply with each state’s Code of Practice and legal requirements. The kits are 100% non-toxic, have unlimited shelf life and are EPA approved.

ZeoMed Spill Management Systems and kits provide 100% compliance to meet 2005 WorkCover Legal Requirements to protect employees from exposure to Hepatitis and HIV in the workplace.

In public and private facilities all over Australia, every day there are incidents of health hazards posed by people vomiting, bleeding and carrying diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis that may be contained in body fluids. Professional precautions are now becoming a matter of law to protect individuals, staff and customers, according to Enware.

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