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Digital Creation, visualisations and hardware solutions from Envizage

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Envizage  formerly known as Concentric Asia Pacific is a provider of digital content creation, visualisation concepts and hardware solutions. Some of their business alliances include Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, IBM.

The tools provided by Envizage for digital content creation include Autodesk AliasStudio which aids in shape definition and communication. It also has features like photorealistic functionality, accurate data transfer and customisable user interface.

Autodesk designstudio is a software to develop design concepts using sketches and illustrations. Autodesk Studio is also a similar software, which additionally includes modeling tools for creation of accurate surfaces and design details. Autodesk AutoStudio is used for automotive styling and designing while Autodesk SurfaceStudio is for evolving models and creating it into high quality production.

Imagestudio is another software developed by Envizage to transform 3D models into sophisticated imagery. Showcase, another product, simplifies the creation of realistic imagery from design data. An interactive environment makes design review also possible.

Portfoliowall is an organizational tool for making designs more accessible to managers and other designers for collaborative work. Virtools applications, another product from Envizage, finds use in games, converting learning applications into interactive 3D application and contextualising course materials.

The services provided by Envizage include rapid prototyping, making of conceptual, functional, presentation and pre-production models, rapid manufacturing to quickly produce usable products or parts and laser scanning for scanning an existing component and presenting it as a point cloud.

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