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Quality transmitters, on-line analysers and telemetry devices supplied by Envirosensors

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Envirosensors  is one of the trusted suppliers of quality transmitters, electrodes, controllers, hand-held meters, loggers, on-line analysers, telemetry devices and various other instruments. These instruments control and measure waste water, water and effluent streams in terms of several parameters like pH and ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, suspended solids, temperature, colour, surface gloss, free chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

Envirosensors is located in Sydney and sells its products directly to the final users and also through a national network of resellers who operate all over Australia.

Envirosensors is one of the market leaders in the service and sales of pH meters and probes along with oxidation reduction potential electrodes. Envirosensors is the Australian agent for Sensorex, Dr Lange, Jenco and WTW products. Envirosensors is a recognised player in the field of instrumentation and offers products that consistently provide reliability and performance.

Envirosensors is also a reseller of portable and handheld instruments from Temperature Control, Temperature Technology, APCS, ECE Fast and Eutech Instruments which cover parameters such as humidity, temperature, infra-red thermometry, conductivity and laboratory turbidimetry.

Laboratory and general purpose equipment offered by Envirosensors under pH & ORP probes and meters include pH & ORP, electrodes, hand-held meters, benchtop meters, accessories and consumables. Industrial, process and commercial equipment include pH & ORP electrodes, controllers, transmitters, accessories and consumables.

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