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Environodour Australia offers sampling and testing equipment

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Environodour Australia  supplies various sampling and testing equipment along with accessories. The equipment offered includes DynaScent digital olfactometer and DynaMeter calibration kit.

The fourth generation DynaScent digital olfactometer is regarded as one of the best in the world and its performance meets the standards of Europe and Australia. Reproducible and reliable results are ensured by exceptionally repeatable and accurate dilution ratios of DynaScent digital olfactometer.

The need for flow measurement devices get eliminated by the latest in sensor and robot technology which leads to further improvement in precision and repeatability.

The system is flushed between series, dilutions and sample by an intelligent self-cleaning mechanism which eliminates cross contamination. Data in a three-level structured database is stored by the system and has nine data analysis windows that scrutinise the performance of the instruments, laboratory and individual panellists.

All the information is presented through detailed reports on odour intensity, odour concentration and ambient odour level. The instrumental performance of DynaScent digital olfactometer meets both Australian and New Zealand requirements AS/NZS 4323.3:2001 standard and the EN 13725:2003 European standard.

DynaMeter calibration kit is used for monitoring the efficiency of the dilution during DynaScent and DynaSampler calibration. DynaMeter calibration is a state-of-the-art tool which includes two mass flow meters of high-performance that ensure speed and accuracy.

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