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Moving bed biofilm reactors from Environmental Group

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Environmental Group  offers clean water solutions. These clean water solutions include treatment of water for potable consumption, water conditioning specifically for process applications, treatment of sewage effluent as well as treatment of domestic as well as industrial water. Some of the clean water solution technologies devised by Environmental Group include biofilm treatment, biological nutrient removal, biofilm process, filtration and RO membrane treatment.

Environmental Group has developed moving bed biofilm reactors as biofilm treatment technology. These biofilm reactors have been specifically designed for the treatment of both municipal as well as industrial effluents. These biofilm reactors provide reliable performance and possess compact as well as robust construction. Moving bed biofilm reactors function by employing the suspended bio film technology. These biofilm reactors comprise of a mobile carrier that is made of synthetic material. This mobile carrier forms as a base that enables the micro organisms to colonise. This reactor is also composed of carrier media that varies according to the different application.

Biological nutrient removal technology developed by Environmental Group includes continuous flow activated sludge, oxidation ditch and various sequencing batch reactors. These modern biological wastewater treatment systems from Environmental Group have been specifically designed for the removal of nutrient such as nitrogen and phosphorous from sewage.

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