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Oxidising products for odour control

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TWO new environmentally safe odour control products - Aqueous Cleaner and Odour-EX -- have been released on the market by Victorian-based company Triple 7 .

Odours are controlled in two ways. By masking - covering up the smell with a more pleasant fragrance; and by destructive elimination - odour producing chemicals are actually destroyed.

When odour eliminating chemicals are sprayed on waste matter, rotting vegetation, mildew, etc, odour is destroyed and persistent odour source is oxidised to a non-volatile, non-odourous material.

Triple 7 Odour-EX oxidises the odour compound and converts odiferous chemicals to an odourless compound.

Triple 7 Aqueous Cleaner is a highly concentrated colloidal solution that separates solids or soiling materials within effluent or other odour plagued solutions.

It breaks down solids to give bacteria a food source (problems with smell arise when bacteria die). Triple 7 Odour Control slows metabolic production of odour-causing micro organisms.

Triple 7 products are safe to store and use and can be disposed of in the sewer. They can be used to control landfill odours and keep recycling bins odour-free while preventing further rust occurring.

Other benefits include:

· Eradication of clinical waste odours;

· Removal of fish odours from recycle bins and cartage trucks;

· Control of leachate odours and improved leachate quality; of leachate

· Can be utilised through current wash systems;

· No VOCs or phosphates -- environmentally safe.

Regular cleaning with Triple 7 Odour Control results in cleaner, easier surfaces to maintain - and cost savings.

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