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WS series Wind Speed Sensors from Environdata

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WS series Wind Speed Sensors from Environdata Australia use a sensitive 3-cup anemometer which has been designed to measure wind speed and wind run. They are suitable for use in isolated locations and with minimum attention.

WS series Wind Speed Sensors feature three conical shaped aluminium cups of optimum proportions which turn a main spindle. This spindle is supported by two special low torque, stainless steel, low friction bearings. The dynamic characteristics of the unit are good as the moment of inertia of the rotating parts is very low.

The body of the Wind Speed Sensors is symmetrical and well clear of the three rotating cups which helps to minimise interfering eddies. This makes the instrument very sensitive and, therefore, ideal for studying micro-climates.

The output pulses are generated by hall effect triggers mounted on the lower end of the spindle, which provide an ideal frictionless coupling, that is robust and will not require field recalibration for many years.

The spindle body is undercut to prevent entrance of moisture through the upper "O"ring. A labyrinth is employed to block dust or moisture from the upper bearing.

WS series Wind Speed Sensors are suitable for a range of weather monitoring applications, like Wind Profiling, Crop Studies, Meteorology, Agronomy, and Pollution Control.

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