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RG20 Logging Rain Gauges from Environdata

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The RG20 from Environdata Australia  is a compact, robust, automatic rain gauge. Its component parts include an inbuilt tipping bucket rain gauge sensor, Windows software, data logger, rechargeable battery, and solar panel.

The rain gauge sends its information to the data logger, which processes and stores the data in its memory. This data is available for collection either onsite or remotely by personal computer.

The rain gauge sensor is factory calibrated so that each system is ready for use immediately. It can be used for extended periods without any need for adjustment.

When installing these rain gauges, there are no electrical connections to be made and no mechanical assembly is necessary. The light-weight design of the rain gauges means they are easy to carry to sites and easy to operate.

The rain gauge’s memory provides up to 35,000 readings, so high intensity data collection and long intervals between data collection are possible.

Data is stored in three independent secure areas with battery backup. Usually, daily summaries are stored in Memory Area 1, hourly data in Memory Area 2, and rainfall intensity data in Memory Area 3.

If the system's software fails, an automatic circuit or "watch-dog" will restart the logger within 4 seconds. This ensures that data storage is uninterrupted.

The internal, real-time clock ensures that the correct date and time are always stored explicitly with the data.

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