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Air temperature sensors and sensor alarms from Environdata Australia

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Environdata Australia  designs, supplies and manufactures weather sensors which are available as sensor alarms, air temperature sensors and wind speed sensors for the professional and scientific community. The sensors use digital technology and ensure signals over cable lengths up to different metres.

Sensor alarm (SA 10) from Environdata Australia is a low power microprocessor based device and it comes with an alarm output based on the sensor input. Sensor alarm is ideal for environmental and weather sensors. It measures the frequencies of incoming signal and compares them with user set alarm trip points. The SA 10 sensor alarm come with four alarm condition modes. The four alarm condition modes can be set easily by internal switches.

Environdata Australia offers air temperature sensor. The TA 10 series of air temperature sensor is an electronic sensor which is designed to measure the air temperature. Two types of sensors can be used in measuring relative humidity and air temperature. This air temperature sensor comes with semi conductor sensing element, PVC housing, waterproof aluminium sheath. The air temperature sensor is ideal for ecology, pest control, pollution control, irrigation scheduling and general meteorology.

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